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Spreading the love and joy of social dancing!

Spreading the love and joy of social dancing!

Spreading the love and joy of social dancing!Spreading the love and joy of social dancing!Spreading the love and joy of social dancing!

Frequently asked questions

1. I have 2 left feet. What can I do?

We have the cure for 2 left feet.  Give yourself a chance. Come try to learn one step at a time. You will be amazed how good you can get through repetition of movement.

2. I do not have a partner. How can I participate in dance lesson?

You do not need to have a dance partner. Everyone rotates to dance with each other. Your teacher will also join in the rotation when possible to enhance your experience.

3. Can I join in anytime?

Yes. It is understood that not everyone can take classes every single time. So you are always encouraged to join in anytime you can. Of course, one will see a different level of improvement if you will invest on more lessons in a consistent manner. 

4. I live far away from you? What can I do to help my learning?

We all wish that we have an ideal setting to learn. Come if you really want to learn. Make effort. We do offer boot camp that lasts up to 4 hours to make your drive worth your time. Take note and take video. Go home and practice as much as you can. You will be amazed how much you can improve. In addition, you can consider taking private lessons to advance your learning. 

5. What is offered in your dance parties?

The idea of having dance party is to provide an opportunity for every participant to enjoy dinner together, a chance to socialize and time to dance to what you have learned in classes, lessons, workshop or boot camps.

6. Group class vs private lesson - Which one is best for me?

Group class  generally costs less. The lesson is designed for a group of students at the pace offered by the teacher at a scheduled time. This may work for most people. However, some people may benefit more from taking private lessons.  


Group classes

  • Group Classes add context and repetition to a specific dance or skill
  • Group Classes are scheduled at set times throughout the week
  • Group Classes have more students than teachers
  • Group Classes are less costly than private lessons
  • Group Classes work at the pace of the collection of people as a whole, not by the individual

Here are the benefit of taking private lessons:-

  • Private lessons allow the student to work one on one with a teacher
  • The learning is more rapid in a one on one setting because the content is specific to the individual.
  • Questions, difficulty, or any other problems can be fixed immediately in a private lesson.
  • Private lessons are scheduled based on the student’s schedule
  • Private lessons do cost more. Ask your teacher for any special package deal. 

7.  What kind of dance lesson do you offer at the barn or your home studio?

It is our goal to promote the joy of partner dancing where lead and follow skill are being taught to enhance everyone's experience.  Lessons are given periodically on the following style of dances:-


East Coast Swing

West Coast Swing



Country 2 Steps



Cha Cha

Night Club 2 Steps

In addition, we also offer line dancing.