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Spreading the love and joy of social dancing!

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Teresa Lo

It all started about 15 years ago. Teresa asked herself what was that one thing she had always thought about doing, but never got around to it. Learning how to dance in partnership was it. She invested her time in different ballroom dances  and eventually fell in love with west coast swing. During this journey, Teresa have taken many lessons, participated in many practice sessions, met many different fabulous teachers/educators and made many new friends. 

Dancing has brought her joy and kept her mind sound.  She also discovered that she had the ability to do the reverse role (leading) in addition to following. This process has proven to be challenging, but fun and rewarding. 

Teresa loves to share what little she knows about dancing initially with friends with mutual interest. She has held dance parties at her home studios for her die hard west coast swing friends for over 7 years. When this core group dissolved, Teresa knew it was time to start a new chapter and begin a new journey.

In 2018, Teresa has made a goal to share her love of dancing. She has decided to spread the joy of her love and grow a dance community in her hometown, Culleoka, Tennessee. Teresa has offered line dance lessons, various style of partner dancing, workshops, boot camps and has taught many hours of private lessons to help others to learn.  The experience has been amazingly rewarding. 

Teresa would love to see you joining her effort in this journey.